Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Six

9" x 12" Carbon pencil sketch on Canvas Board - awaiting paint
Number sixteen is none other than Peyton Manning. Peyton set so many records at Tennessee they retired his number and named a street after him - "Peyton Manning Pass." Manning is like Tim Tebow, in that I am not a big fan of his team but I admire him as a person, marvel at his talents, and pull for him as a player. I still can't believe how he got rooked out the 1995 Heisman Trophy by Michigan's Charles Woodson.

This will be a two part post. Today I did a pencil sketch and then transferred it to a gessoed canvas board. I then took a carbon pencil and created a more detailed drawing on the canvas. This drawing gives me a good foundation for my painting. Tomorrow I will add an oil wash and from there we might experiment.

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