Monday, December 29, 2008

Peter The Great

6" x 9" Graphite on Bristol Board - FOR SALE
Peter Warrick was one of the most electrifying players I can remember watching play college football. He was a threat to score every time he touched the football with his speed and uncanny ability to make people miss. Number nine is the all-time leader in TD receptions at FSU with 32. He would have probably won the 1999 Heisman if he hadn't been suspended two games for the infamous Dillard's incident. In case you don't recall - a clerk at the Tallahassee department store sold Warrick and teammate Laveranues Coles over $400 dollars worth of clothes for less than $25 which the law considered shoplifting. Well, I guess they don't call it Free Shoes University for nothing.

This drawing is in pencil on 4-ply Bristol board. What I think I am going to do for here on in is post each drawing as a pencil sketch. Then go back and illustrate in detail as time permits. That way I can keep up the daily posting and I can add more detail to each completed original. Number 10 is next.

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