Sunday, December 21, 2008


9" x 12" Oil and Prismacolor Pencil - FOR SALE

From Folkston, Georgia, number 4, Champ Bailey. Champ is a former Charlton County Indian, Georgia Bulldog and now he is an All-pro cornerback for the Denver Broncos. He and I share the same hometown. People in Folkston still rave about some of the runs Champ made and some of the great games he had in high school. Just like they talk about those three homeruns I hit in one game against Ludowici - well actually I am the only one that ever talks about that.

I decided to add some color to Champ. My art training in commercial based, meaning I am more familiar with pens and pencils that I am the paintbrush. However, one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to force myself to explore different mediums and techniques. Hopefully I'll build up my nerve to take a shot at doing one in oil before we get to number 10.

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