Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Kid

#24 Ken Griffey Jr - "The Kid" - 9" x 12" Acrylic on paper. 
Tried to make you think I was going with Willie Mays, and I love Willie but he's not my favorite #24. Late 60's early 70's Willie was past his prime so I never fell in love with Mays. Griffey on the other hand was electric from the start and I saw it all. Eligible for the HOF next year and a sure fire first ballot selection. Other 24's of note Rickey Henderson, Tony Perez, and Manny Ramirez. I currently am a big fan of Miguel Cabrera who wears 24 for theTigers. 
Old Bravo's with 24 on their back - Ken Oberkfell, Derek Lilliquist, and John "the count" Montefusco. #23 is next. Tough choice - I have it narrowed to two

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