Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get The Picture

 "Part of that patched up, crippled up, gone, graduated, sunk, secondary." Larry Munson.

A Work in Progress. 

I got a chance to meet Larry when I did "The 12th Man." Went to his house - we talked fishing and he signed my prints. I felt like I was talking to the radio. I cherish the memory.

No matter how many times I hear it - I get chills when he begs Lindsay to run. I remember pacing the floor in my bedroom and praying right along with Larry for the Dawgs to "Hunker it down one more time." Because of Larry. I remember where I was when Butler kicked it 100,000 miles to beat Clemson and when Herschel "broke the all-time record for a freshman back, 64 or 65 yards" and on and on.

I loved Larry Munson!


Kerry said...

Hey Stokey,this is Souuthern.Are you gonna make prints of this? Let me know.

Tim said...

Hey Noah
Will this be available for purchase?

Noah Stokes said...

Yes Tim it will. Email me and I'll give you the information.

John H said...

I found a large 12 man in Florida a few months back. I now have both sizes proudly displayed. Did you ever finish Get the picture. Sure would like to have a copy for my Larry library....
John H